Saturday, August 25, 2007

I Vote for Naps

Since it's election primary season, I say it's time to vote on something really important to parents. Naps. Who decided children are ready to give up the afternoon nap when they are about three years old? I did not get to vote on this. Please don't tell me they are big enough or don't require the sleep. If you think that, then you aren't around enough three year olds about 4:00 p.m. There were many times when the girls were younger that I wished they weren't napping every day. You know the days when some family function was happening right in the middle of nap time, or you just really wanted to run one more errand. We always had a strict nap schedule. The girls were happier when we stuck to their nap schedule, so we rarely deviated. Now, though, they are too old for daily naps. One of our girls still likes to nap once in a while. She'll announce she's tired and ask for some "quiet time." (Of course, we renamed nap time because only babies take naps.) Our other daughter will not nap at all. The transition between daily afternoon naps and no nap time has not been easy for anyone. I used to plan on working for the hour or so that they slept. In fact, I was on the phone with a client when I realized nap time was over. We used to schedule conference calls during nap time. One day I was on the phone and realized they were awake. They took a 10 minute nap after I spent 30 minutes trying to get them to go to sleep. Now I struggle to get work done during the day. They do not want to sleep, yet are cranky in the hours just before bedtime. We did move bedtime up about 1/2 hour. It helps maintain our sanity and get them more sleep. I know it will get better as they get older, but I am jealous when friends tell me their preschoolers still nap. I think it's time parents voted to require naps until we are ready for the transition from nap time to no naps. What is your vote?


Anonymous said...

I vote for food that cleans itself off the floor.


Julie K said...

I vote for keeping naps forever - why should they ever end? My son goes to daycare where naps are part of the routine. However, he doesn't ususally want to take them on the weekend. During the week, I won't work when he's home, but I do work after he goes to bed (which means late nights sometimes). By the weekend I'm dragging. In the beginning, I also had planned to do some work when he napped on the weekend, but I found I did better if I took a nap at the same time (too hard to keep up with an energitic boy without my having a nap). The only way to get him to sleep on the weekend these days is to be in the car for a fairly long ride after lunch or to offer to nap with him (a ploy which doesn't always work, but which is blissful when it does). We both do much better with a nap.
With regard to Kristie's comment... that's what dogs are for!

Amy said...

Naps! Naps, please!!