Saturday, August 18, 2007

Loving the Zoo

No matter how many times we visit Brookfield Zoo, the girls are always fascinated. We look at the same animals, play at the same parks, and see the same dolphin show. They always react as if it is the first time they have ever been there. It's an amazing way to spend a day. They are happy and entertained. I am outside, and not just to weed the garden.

For Christmas each year, my parents give us a membership to Brookfield Zoo. It might be the best, most useful present we get. The great thing about a membership is we can come and go at will. When the girls are having a crabby day, I load them in the mini-van and head to the zoo. Even if we only spend an hour or two, suddenly, it's the best day ever.


Julie K said...

Although we don’t get to the zoo nearly enough, it sounds like your zoo experience mirrors ours… we typically see the same animals, have the same routine with maybe one new twist per visit (the dolphin show most recently… wolves are planned for the next time around) and always a great time. We have been faithful at taking an annual picture of my son standing next to the Gorilla statue near the entrance of Tropic World. He’s still a head shorter than the top of the shoulder of the statue so we have a few more years to go before he makes that milestone of height. The primates made such an impression on him that when he was two he picked out a monkey at Build-a-Bear who is still a favorite to cuddle at night. I also print out a collage page of pictures from the day to post on his door and we talk about our visit and the animals for months after our fun day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that reminds me of days in my youth ~ I didn't live near the zoo but every Summer my Aunt would take us and I loved it!! It will always be a special place for me (the elephants were my favorite) and I think it's great that you can take your girls so often ~ I'm sure it will be a special place for them all of their lives!!