Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's Wiggle Time

We attended our first Wiggles concert yesterday. While it would be so easy to mock the event, aren't we all really just a bit jealous? Here are four guys with an idea that they dreamed up and pursued to create a world-wide phenomenon generating millions of dollars. It's clean, fun, and simple, yet none of us thought of it! I'm sure at the beginning, "I'm one of the Wiggles" wasn't a great line at parties. Now, though, anyone hearing that instantly starts to pay attention. Many of us dream about starting a successful business. These four Australians had a skill, found a niche, and pursued it to great rewards. Not bad for guys who share a stage with a dinosaur, octopus, pirate, dog, and teddy bears.

The girls loved the Wiggles dancers. They sang all the songs and were mesmerized for more than 90 minutes. You have to love performers that sing about eating fruit salad, knowing how to cross the street, and exercising. All-in-all is was quite fun -- even for the adults.


KarenM said...

The Wiggles are laughing all the way to the bank...they're among the richest people in Australia. I took my guys twice and all of us thoroughly enjoyed it--one hour long, some subtle humor and a nonstop show. Glad you liked did we!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, how having a preschooler does change your musical tastes. Now the songs I know by heart have names like "Clean it Up" and "Elmo's World"