Sunday, August 26, 2007

How Much Do Those Shoes Cost?

We took the girls for new shoes yesterday. Preschool starts soon, so it's time for to have their feet sized. We went to a local mall, which features a national children's shoe chain. The sales clerk cheerfully measured the girls' feet. (One wears a size 10 and the other a size 12!) Every pair of shoes I looked at was at least $50! The plain, brown leather shoes were $51! The plain, black leather shoes were $56! For shoes they are going to wear for a few months and then outgrow? The clerk explain these shoes were specially engineered to fit children's feet and help them maintain proper form. Call me cheap, but the girls will just have to suffer with $30 leather shoes from another store.

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Anonymous said...

Kids shoes are the only things I spend $$$. Don't buy cheap shoes. You'll hurt their feet. Always buy leather shoes too.