Monday, August 27, 2007

The Fraternal Twin Drill

At the risk of sounding immodest, the girls are striking. One is a blue-eyed blond with long hair. The other is a green-eyed brunette with the longest hair you've ever seen on a three-year-old. Really, it goes all the way down to the top of her pants. They are nearly the same height. At least once a day someone comments on how beautiful the girls are. Usually, it's followed by the questions. If you have fraternal twins, you know the drill. Are you cousins? No, we're twins. Really (followed by a strange look at Mom)? Yes, they are twins. But they don't look the same? No, they are fraternal. The person always follows with the list. How far along were you when you delivered? How big were they? How far apart were they? Who is older? These questions are followed by the inquisitive stare, and comments about where their faces look alike and where they don't. All the time I'm trying to remove us from the conversation. Not to sound rude, but I don't drill you about your children and their births, why is okay to drill me just because I have twins?

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Anonymous said...

I always get asked about how our twins were created. Do twins run in your family? Who cares? Pay attention, I'm 40 years old. Pretty good guess some drugs were involved, not that it's anyone's business.