Monday, August 20, 2007

The Best Crayon Product Ever

If you haven't tried Crayola's Color Wonder products, you don't know what you are missing. The markers are designed to activate only on Color Wonder paper. This means there is no possible way for the kids to color on the walls, their clothes, the carpeting, etc. We carry ours everywhere. The paper is a bit expensive, but well-worth the cost of not scrubbing walls, carpeting, clothing, arms, or legs. And, it keeps the kids entertained wherever you go. It's one of my favorite products. What are your favorite kids products?


CT said...

Paper towel tubes are my favorite. My son loves them, they are free and, when they get too ratty they can be recycled. Other favorite toys of his include spatulas, tupperware, and junk mail, and in the tub, we ignore the toy fish in favor of throwing mommy's shampoo bottles in the water.

My son still is at the crayon eating stage, so we are avoiding the crayola products for now

Among toys that are actually marketed as such his favorite is fridge phonics.

JBK said...

Besides the markers, there are also Color Wonder fingerpaints. A little messy as you end up with clear goop on your fingers, but nothing a wipey can't handle. Is the same idea... only shows on the special paper. We love the Color Wonder packs for traveling (especially on airplanes) and save them for travel so that they are a real treat (and because they are pricey).